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KingDOM is a Javascript Implementation of a DOM Inspector, allowing the perusal of web page elements and attributes. Due to browser security restrictions, these pages can not be remote.


This tool requires a browser supporting javascript. It has been seen to function correctly in IE6, Firefox 1.0.6 and Opera.


The code is covered by the GNU General Public License (GPL).


Click here to download the release.


Place all the included files together at a location hereafter referred to as 'toolPath'. The complete list of files:-


The following examples suggest the two most suitable ways to make use of the inspector.
  1. You may like to write a function which is included on each page you wish to inspect:- function launchDom(){
    targetObj = document; // the object to place at the root of the inspection tree. You will probably want this to be the entire document
    navObj = document.getElementById('status'); // the node to jump to at launch time. If null then the focus will be on the root node
    inspect = window.open('toolPath/inspect.html','inspector', 'scrollbars=yes,width=800, height=700 ,left=0,top=0, resizable=yes, status=yes');
    Call this function each time you wish to open the inspector.
  2. Or you may prefer to create a favourite/bookmark in the browser targeting the following code:- javascript:targetObj = document; navObj = null; inspect = void( window.open( 'toolPath/inspect.html', 'inspector', 'scrollbars=yes, width=850, height=700, left=0, top=0,resizable=yes, status=yes' ) );
Of course you can change the parameters to resize and position the window as you wish. Have fun inspecting your web pages, and do not hesitate to make suggestions for improvements to the tool using the Public Forums.